Joel Doliner – President

Mike DiMaio – Tampa Area

Alice McCoy – Jacksonville Area

Lee Feinberg – Customer Service


The Doliner Group founded in 2002 by Joel Doliner has been a proud member of the DPHA for six years. The agency was built on professionalism in servicing to the dealer, manufacturer, architect/designer, and importantly the consumer.

The value and professionalism of customer service has always been one of the most important parts of the business. In calling on architects and designers, both the dealers and manufacturer’s benefit from the creation of business commonly called the pull through sale, this has been a strength of the Doliner Group. On the retail side of our business, the consumer who may have an issue with a product becomes emotional as it is personal for them as it is in their home. In this capacity, a sales representative works for both the dealer and the manufacturer in trying to solve the issue for the consumer in a swift and positive manner. This has been a focus of the agency since its inception.

Being named the 2010 Manufacturer’s Representative Agency of the year was the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and support from both manufacturer’s and dealers. “The learning curve never stops in our industry and the DPHA has made great strides in bridging the gap between all three segments,” said Doliner.



About The Doliner Group

The Doliner Group specializes in providing a crucial link between manufacturers and consumers, resulting in improved sales figures and consumer awareness. We go beyond the necessary functions of the representative, performing above your expectations to provide the finest in manufacturer representation.

We are highly skilled at establishing a strong showroom foundation for the client, complete with well-trained showroom staff. Establishment is only half the battle, and our unparalleled experience with maintaining and managing working business relationships is one of the keys to your success as a manufacturer. Our ability to introduce your business into the architectural, design, and building industries is yet another asset that we pass on to you. At The Doliner Group, you are receiving the best professional representation the industry has to offer.

We look forward to helping you increase your profits.


The DPHA Names Doliner Group Rep Agency of The Year 2010

The Doliner Group was named DPHA’s Representative Agency of the Year. This prestigious Decorative and Plumbing & Hardware Association’s award recognizes members how have made outstanding contributions to advance the Decorative Plumbing Hardware profession.

The Awards are presented to DPHA members based on:

• Personal achievements in the industry
• Pursuit of personal improvement and education
• Job performance and accomplishments
• Public recognition for a deed or accomplishment

Criteria for the award included training programs, customer service, involvement and support of the the industry, professionalism, and demonstrated ability to create value for lines and dealers.

The Doliner Group is one of America’s premier manufacturer representation agencies and Florida’s leader in connecting products, people and profits.